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Hats Off to Felicity!


One of our amazing ladies, Felicity, has recently been in the limelight for her entrepreneurial work as a milliner. 👒

It all started in Churchtown, Merseyside, in the year 1988, where she set off on her endeavours to launch her very own innovative business, Felicity Hat Hire, and it wasn’t too long before it became clear that it was taking off with great success. Soon after her first opening, Felicity had to expand her store space as demand was on the rise. Now, after 32 years in business, she has grown to a total of 86 shops located across the UK!

To add to her success, she was interviewed and featured on television shows such as The Terry Wogan and the BBC One Show. Most notably, her work features in the classic hit film, Four Weddings and a Funeral.

Although Felicity retired at 78, she didn’t stop helping and advising new milliners in the local area and beyond.

It is an honour that Felicity now calls Hesketh Park Lodge home. We all love to hear her reminisce and share her story of how she came to make designer hats accessible to all – we hope you did too.

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