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Resident Stories

Dave’s Art Legacy

Dave has left a lasting impression on the art community with his detailed and thought-provoking pieces.  In his early years, Dave first ventured into the art world as a magazine illustrator for ladies’ fashion. Since digital printing wasn’t available back then, hand-drawn illustrations were popular in magazines. Dave thoroughly enjoyed his job as he was

Heather and George’s Life Together

Heather and George started their journey over 60 years ago when they met at work. Their beautiful story is about love, understanding and finding peace and happiness.  Heather and George met when they were both in their early 20s. They worked together and got the 60 bus into work together, where Heather used to get on

Jim's Story

Jim’s Story

Distinguished local artist James Walsh has always been highly engaged with the art scene. Having worked closely with other artists, he has exhibited across the globe. Now residing at Parklands Lodge, Jim is continues his art and is helping his fellow Athena residents to get creative through the healthcare provider’s latest initiative, the Art Hub. 

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